Sometimes in life you have a plan and sometimes the plan is already made for you. GADS was certainly the latter. I randomly bought a sewing machine and stored it for three years before pulling it out on the curiosity of “maybe I can sew?"

To my surprise, I was a natural at sewing. Perhaps it was my creative nature because the thought of combining raw fabric and materials to create an item that could I use in  everyday life excited me. 

Purses became my favorite item to sew and I soon expanded to polewear, swimwear, custom clothing, and other accessories. My philosophy has always been to merge fashion with function in a manner that reflects bold, unapologetic liveliness. My designs feature Ankara fabric, which contains vibrant colors, bold prints, and patterns in no set order. 

I decided to launch GADS to share my pieces with others. GADS Afro Luxe designs are handmade expressions of what I want in my everyday life: fun, functional, and fashionable pieces. When I could not find the designs I wanted in stores I made them and now they are also available for you. 


Shari Gadson, Owner